: 10 Top Tips That Make Buyers Bite

10 Top Tips That Make Buyers Bite

Tip 1. A Nice Entryway

Impress buyers right off the bat with a beautiful entrance. "I always tell sellers to put a fresh coat of paint on the front door.This problem, more common in condos and apartments, is solved by cleverly placing furniture to create more of an entryway.

Tip 2. Hardwood Floors

Realtors agree that most buyers are hunting for hardwood. You can bet that of all types of flooring, hardwood floors will "have the most longevity and will never go out of style,"

 Tip 3. Fab Fixtures

Replacing knobs and drawer pulls is the quickest way to make over a bathroom or kitchen. And when it comes to faucets, for $60 or $70 dollars you can buy something infinitely better than what you likely already have.

Tip 4. Beautiful Baths

According to real estate agents, marble counters, whirlpool baths and steam showers up the attractiveness of any bathroom. But if you don't have these luxury items, it may be more practical to address the unattractive aspects of your existing bath. Rip out that big sheet mirror and those globe lights that look like you're in a theater dressing room.

Replace them with an elegant framed mirror don't be afraid to look outside the bathroom section and sconce lighting on either side.

Tip 5. Countertop Considerations

Granite is the top pick because it's hard, nonporous and easy to care for. But then again, so is Corian, so are composite stone surfaces such as Silestone

Tip 6. Steel This Idea

Why do buyers go bananas for stainless-steel appliances? It's the power of suggestion. "A kitchen with stainless appliances looks like a commercial kitchen. It makes people think that they're great cooks.

Tip 7. Pre-Organized Closets

Just as stainless appliances convince buyers that they are better cooks, closet organizers make buyers believe that they are better homemakers. If your closets are unadorned, don't underestimate the importance of this easy addition

Tip 8. Light Up

Lighting is probably the most overlooked, yet the most important aspect of interior decoration. If your home doesn't get a lot of natural light, consider installing recessed lighting or new sconces, or both, so the buyer won't struggle to figure out how to brighten up the space.

Tip 9. Built-In Bonus

many buyers view built-ins as free furniture.Well-crafted bookshelves, china cabinets and entertainment units can make a home stand out. Sometimes it's better to have freestanding pieces that look like built-ins, that you can give the buyer the option to purchase.

Tip 10. Grass Is Greener

Are the homebuyers in your area families with young children? If so, they'll be drawn to spaces with a flat, open lawn.

Were you thinking of putting in a concrete patio or rock garden? Don't bother if you're putting your home on the market. A flat yard is a real plus. Spend some money and put in the grass. It's a good seller


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By Sean jordan @ One Percent Realty

Comment balloon 4 commentsSean Jordan • January 28 2010 07:02PM


Good points Sean.  I seldom see a home that has really done anything significant to catch the eye of the buyer when they first arrive at the home.  That is the first thing I have the owners consider. 

Grass is great but here in Kentucky where we have a long growing season putting in at least a small garden in the back yard can be very beneficial.

Posted by Paul Campbell Realtor Lexington, Kentucky Homes for Sale (Rector Hayden, Lexington, Ky) over 10 years ago

Great points.  I love the point about pre-organized closets.  If your house is organized, buyers will see that as a possibility for themselves, and who doesn't want to be more organized.  Also, on the baths:  I would add that sprucing up the towels with new, fluffy white towels and clearing the counters goes a long way in attractiveness.

Posted by Jill Schmidt over 10 years ago

kitchen hardware is a very easy way to spruce up the kitchen, I always suggest it on dated cabinets.  Lighting should never be overlooked, whether it is for overall feel for the house or for pictures.

Posted by Richard Glick (Kingsway Realty) over 10 years ago

Hi Sean! Greetings from Las Vegas! I am originally from Toronto Canada, and half my family are still in either Vancouver or Toronto? great article. Lately, I am actually having to tell sellers to make their beds, like they are teenagers!v :)

How is the ramp up for the Olympics?  I wish i could go up to see the figure skating! Let me know if you are ever down in Vegas. Amelia Keene, Keene Team, Keller Williams Southern Nevada.

Posted by Amelia Keene (Keller Williams Realty Southern Nevada) over 10 years ago