Tips on how to Resurface a countertop

Use #400 grit sandpaper on the existing countertop to create a rough surface. Place the sandpaper around a wood block to have more control. Scratching the surface will help the cement on the new countertop stick.

  • Step 2

    Use a tack cloth to remove dust and other debris before applying the cement. Wipe down the surface with an acetone cleaner to remove buildup and other materials. If you don't wipe down the surface completely, the cement will stick to the debris instead of the countertop.

  • Step 3

    Measure the countertop. Purchase a new piece of laminate that's six inches longer than your existing countertop. Because you will not have a chance to adjust the laminate once you lay it on top of the cement, buying a piece that's slightly longer than your countertop can help you position it correctly. You can use a router saw to trim any overhang after the cement has dried completely.

  • Step 4

    Use household cement that's recommended for laminate or other surfaces found indoors. Follow the instructions on the container to apply the cement correctly. Spread a thin layer on the existing countertop and on the underside of the new countertop. Carefully lift your new countertop and place it on the existing surface. Quickly make any adjustments to the countertop before cement sets.

  • Step 5

    Allow the cement to dry for at least a day before cleaning the surface or trimming off the overhang. Clean the surface with regular household cleaner to remove dust or debris. Your new countertop should be ready to use.


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    Use #400 grit sandpaper on the existing countertop to create a rough surface. Place the sandpaper around a wood block to have more control. Scratching the surface will help the cement on the new countertop stick. Step 2 Use a tack cloth… more
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